Tuesday, April 12, 2011

.painted interior doors.

okay i had never even thought of painting my interior doors, but after seeing these...i totally want too. i like this idea way more than accent walls. what a statement these make!
{ photo courtesey of  domino }

 { photo courtesey of  elle decor }

{ photo courtesey of  decorpad designer grant gibson }

 { photo courtesey of highstreet market }

{ photo courtesey of  karen hearts flickr  }
{ photo courtesey of  swastana  }

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


im a list maker...always have been, thanks to my daddy. i make a list everyday with what i need to get done that day. i love the feeling i get when i get to cross something off my list. sometimes i even write a task down that ive already completed, just so i can cross it off! lol. i know, im a loser...
but it makes me feel more organized and feel like i can actually accomplish the items, even if its a long list. do i always get everything done? no. but then it goes on the list for the next day. today i came across these super cute printable lists by noisette marketing
i can't wait to use it!

Monday, April 4, 2011

.drum shades.

yes, these have been around for awhile now, but i LOVE them!
i truly believe that lighting makes or breaks the look of room, the more lights the better. i've been looking for a solution to my entry way...

see what i mean about make or break a room...look how outdated theses gold  lights look in my entry, they are small and make no statement, plus dont add much light, besides that nasty orange glow, making my walls have an ugly yellowed tint to them! (i took the pic at night to show you just how ugly it is without natural light)  now, just imagine some nice drum shades hanging down right there...my inspiration for this?

{ from 5 is the magic number }
is that not amazing? im in love!
so i went searching and found these gorgeous cream and black drums from target for only $20 each!
click here to view. i'll share photos when its finished!
while on my search  i came across these amazing drum shades as well...enjoy...

 i'm especially loving these double drum shades from oilo studio, who by the way also designed the bedding for these nurseries
okay! that made me wanna have a nursery again...KIDDING...but really how fun would it be to decorate one again!  
and these drum/chandeliers....GORGEOUS!
{ etsy shop: whimsical collections }

{ designer carolyn kinder }

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

.chevron stripes.

my new fav thing in design right now....chevron stripes or as the mister likes to call them,
charlie brown stripes. :)
check out these great options to incorporate them into the design of your house. im especially lovin the grey and white...drool
 {photo by: me oh my mama }

Cottage Kitchen - by Valerie Pedersen traditional kitchen

Fireside room eclectic living room

Blount Design eclectic dining room

and this chica took it to the next level and created her own chevron stripe rug
oh yes, peeps she is PAINTING this rug! check out her awesome tutorial here

here's the final product...i so want to try this!

 ♥ LOVE ♥
 for these fun, colorful, FREE printables of chevron stipes, by aimee over at sprik space click here

and last but not least, chevron stripes for my easter cards this year....my shoot with the littles is next week so you can check back for the finished product then....but here's a little teaser...
ps. have you guessed what my fav color combination right now is?

Sunday, March 27, 2011

.lila's room.

andrea from pink sugar photography is one of my fav photographers. i love her work. and when i saw the room she created for her daughter i was in awe. i love the grey walls with the pink as an accent, not overpowering. what little girl wouldn't want to spend her time in this amazing room...

{ photos courtesey of pink sugar photography }

.library in the woods.

im totally drooling over the architecture...can you imagine how serene it would be to kick back with a good book and a cup of joe in this place?

{ photos courtesy of apartment therapy }